News and events

Dr. Choi gave a research seminar on “The Choice of Musical Instrument Matters: Musical Advantage in Tone Perception and Word Learning” at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. [31 October 2023]

Dr. Choi gave an informative talk on Speech-language Pathology during HKU Information Day 2023. [28 October 2023]

Doris presenting at ICPhS!
PhD student Doris Yu presented the 20th International Congress of the Phonetics Sciences! [9 August]

Our lab has published a journal article titled “Does musicianship influence the perceptual integrality of tones and segmental information?” by Choi, W., & Lai, V. K. W. in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America [11 August]

Our lab has published a journal article titled “The choice of musical instrument matters: Effect of pitched but not unpitched musicianship on tone identification and word learning” by Choi, W., To, C. Y., & Cheng, R. in Applied Psycholinguistics [4 August]

Wu Chun Him Jason, our UG student researcher, has won the Best BSc Final Year Project Award! [19 July]

Tang Hei Yung Blanche, our UG student researcher has won the Best Presenter Award of BSc Final Year Project!  [19 May]

About Us

Welcome along! The Speech and Music Perception Laboratory is based in the Faculty of Education, the University of Hong Kong.

Our lab integrates a research line in speech and music perception, presenting a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary exploration and collaboration. Specifically, we combine diverse areas of expertise, including speech science, music education, and neuroscience. By leveraging the collective knowledge of these disciplines, we seek to advance the theoretical understanding of the shared mechanisms underlying speech and music perception.

Our lab is a collaborative research platform, bringing together speech and music researchers from Hong Kong and overseas. This platform will facilitate knowledge exchange, foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and promote a vibrant research community focused on speech and music perception.

Additionally, we aim to attract prospective local and international research postgraduate students, while providing research internship opportunities for taught postgraduate and undergraduate students to nurture their research interests.

Lastly, our lab is committed to translating research findings into practical resources for speech therapists, music teachers, and language teachers. By bridging the gap between research and practice, we aim to develop valuable tools and interventions that will enhance their professional work.

Tel: +852 3917 7621
Location:  Room 720, 7/F, Meng Wah Complex, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong